November 2006

I had a good day windsurfing yesterday, though the wind was somewhat variable. I wasn’t going to even give it a try because it looked too light, but I stopped by Kanaha Kai Maui (more…)

I decided to leave Portland early Tuesday morning to cover the 600 miles to Sonoma by Friday morning. Just about the time you’d need for a brisk bicycle trip. But I was hauling my newly more-or-less completed Airstream car hauler–Nero, with my race car–Peyote stuffed inside. I needed time to cope with potential minor issues like the trailer breaking in half, or the wheels falling off. My wife Diane elected not to join me. She’s a panicker. If Nero indulged itself in a death wobble coming down a mountain pass, I would have to pry Diane from around my neck before dealing with the emergency. (more…)