February 2007

2007 Race Schedule
This schedule is fairly firm (most of the entries have been sent) The first two races in August are up in the air–I could use some recommendations for races those weekends. I’m also looking for some races to fill in holes if they don’t take too long of a drive. Your advice would be very welcome–just post a comment below. (more…)

Some pretty exalted company for funky old Peyote. Here’s the program from 1960: (more…)

Bill Ames racing the donor car for Peyote in 1959–a newspaper article:


This feels like uncovering King Tut, only with an engine. Not exactly a photo, but some frames from some movies.

Here’s the backstory–no complete photos of Peyote MkI were known to exist. Peyote MKII was built by tearing off the MKI body and building a new one. There is a photo that may be a fragment of Peyote MKI on this site in the history section, but we’re not completely sure. MkI was acknowledged to be butt ugly, and may have broken most of the cameras that attempted to shoot it. By comparison, Peyote is simply “Peyote Ugly” and there are zillions of photos of it in all kinds of places.

The indefatiguable Howie Wold found some video that “might” contain shots of Peyote. at first he thought it couldn’t be since the car looked like it was painted (the only paint any version of Peyote ever had was scraped off another car). but further investigation revealed that it absolutely is Peyote MkI. A little grainy and blurry, but so are all the shots of bigfoot and flying saucers. Here’s the pics: (more…)

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Peyote and Neroís All Aluminum Tour

Like too many adventures, it starts with a stupid idea. Build the perfect trailer for my whacky vintage race car, and then use it as transport for an extended racing tour of all the famous tracks and events. Let me introduce you to my race car, and then the trailer and tour might make sense. (more…)

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Peyote for Sale

That ought to get the attention of the NSAís internet sniffing robots. But this is just more history. Peyote changed hands numerous times since it was built in 1959. Iíve been able to find several advertisements offering the beast. This is probably not all that interesting to most folks, though watching the price go up from ad to ad is kind of entertaining. I warned folks that one purpose of this blog is to store some of the voluminous documentation I have for and about Peyote. for such a humble car there cerainly was a lot written about it.


Howie Wold is a really neat guy who has been a huge help in getting me information and documentation on Peyote. He knows more about the car than I do. He’s done a lot of work just for the love of the sport. He sent me an email today telling me that not only might there be photos of the original Peyote MkI but there might even be video of it. By way of explanation, my Peyote is actually MkII–the same car, they junked the first body because it was just too ugly and built a “pretty” version. Anyone who seen Peyote has to worry a bit about the ugly version–how ugly can this thing be? Will looking at a picture turn us to stone. Will we have to claw our own eyes out?

Here’s Howie’s good news, edited a bit: (more…)

I’m in Maui, surfing and windsurfing almost every day (see Ponohouse for details) but the All Aluminum Tour is looming. I’m working on entry forms and letters to the organizers of the races I’d like to participate in, looking for some concessions on their requirements. A lot of them require you to be a member to race with their organization, or alternately charge a substantial premium for non-members. I understand why they do this, but this is going to be a pretty expensive undertaking as it is. (more…)