March 2007

Went to Puamana today to meet some friends from Portland who have two teenage kids. These teenagers are at least 6’4″ and have the metabolism of starving badgers. It was great fun to introduce them to paddle surfing and help them with their surfing. As final dessert we tossed the Hobie Adventure Islands in the water and taught them to sail. Like ducks to water. Here’s some pics in cartoon format: (more…)

By a really mediocre surfer. But hey, that’s okay, there’s a lot of folks starting off with standup, so a duffer’s viewpoint could be helpful to them. The boards I compared are the boards I’ve got: A Laird, a Ku Nalu, a Jimmy Lewis 11.0 X 30 and a Jimmy Lewis 11″7″ X 26. I went to Puamana beach park near Lahina, dragging along four boards, Diane with her Nikon and Sam the Gay Dog.

I hauled all four boards out and set them on the sand in order of degree of tippiness, a highly scientific approach. (more…)

This works best as just a link because it’s a special wide viewer. If the link doesn’t work, paste this into your browser:


I’m experimenting with different ways of presenting video. This is hosted directly on my site instead of putting it up on YouTube or some other provider.

This movie is taken from the Oregon Scientific headcam that I’m considering using for doing race videos. It’s about 120 bucks plus you need a 2GB SD card, but those are dropping in price very fast. At full resolution it’s 640 X 480 pixels at 30 frames per second. This video is compressed to 320 X 240 and 15 FPS. You can also set the camera for lower resolutions and frame rates, though the full size highest res gives you an hour of recording on a 2GB card.

I think this will be great for car video except that it doesn’t have any image stabilization. It does to automatic light balance and contrast.

It’s also very light and small. I plan to do a front and rear looking camera. Maybe try it as a head cam to see how that works out. Tech should love these things. even if one came loose it wouldn’t be the hazard that a full camcorder is.

You can see why I like windsurfing in the run back to the beach, about halfway through the video. Feels like I’m doing 150 even though it’s less than 30MPH, and if you screw up, about all that happens is you get wet (though I broke my toe on the mast a few hours before I shot this video–there’s just no solution for clumsiness).

This is an edited repost from Pono House:

Too bad we can’t take a Hobie with us on the tour. I’ve thought about the places I could store one, but it’s prety much out of the question. It’s really a remarkable boat and I think Diane would use it a lot. the rest of this article is lifted from the Pono House blog and shows why getting Diane into a boat is such a big thing for me.

I went to Makena Landing with Diane and Lane Mead, our friend and the caretaker here at Pono House. we took the Hobie Adventure Islands and my new Laird standup board since Lane wanted to try the Hobie and Diane wanted to continue her progression in using and sailing the Hobies.

We got them all set up quickly, I helped Diane launch then gave Lane a quick run through and sent him on his way. Diane was concerned about Sam the gay dog (shes always worried that someone will steal him from the Jeep, whereas I’m always worried that he will trade the jeep for bacon) so I told her Id take care of him and she should just sail. Once she was out sailing I started trying to get Sam to go out on the Laird with me. I put him in his float coat, stuck the leash on my wrist, and got him onto the board. (more…)

I’ve been doing most of my posts in my Pono House blog, because I’m still playing in Maui. But I’m changing my focus to planning the logistics of the tour, so I’m going to pretty much abandon Pono House and focus here. I’ll be posting articles about stand up paddle surfing and longboard sailing here partly because I plan to keep playing in the water until the jet leaves the ground at Kahalui but also because I’m bringing a standup board and sailing gear on the All Aluminum Tour. You can do this stuff anywhere there’s enough water, and I want to use it to stay in shape (and hopefully lose that 40 pounds of flab I still have).

Along those lines, here’s an amazing video I found last night on Google. It starts simple and gets unbelievable, just like Jake Shimabukuro playing “Strawberry Fields”. Maybe everyone else on the planet has already seen this, but I was blown away: (more…)

Here’s some shots detailing how Nero was built. I like using Comic Life for laying out these things–adds a little spice.


I’ve created a new social networking site for vintage Racing. It works like Myspace–you can create your own place, upload photos and videos, chat in the forum and invite friends to you place. It’s here.


I wrote an article for the Babcock & Jenkins website about RSS that might be helpful to people who read this blog. It’s amazing how few people actually use RSS. It’s such a simple thing to implement, and so handy once you do. I showed Diane how to set up a Google homepage with RSS feeds and she loves the result. But I have twice as many people subscribing to this blog using email through Feedblitz than directly through RSS, even though I’ve been offering RSS feeds much longer.

It’s probably the same reason that I don’t use any of the “features” on my cell phone–it’s probably the tenth one I’ve had, and I’m just going to use it at the level I already know. That’s silly, I’d save a lot of time if I put all my contacts in the address book, and spent a few minutes learning to use the voice recognition.

RSS won’t change your life, and you won’t be left behind if you don’t use it, but it’s a simple and clean way to get information you like.

I hope the article helps.

A very big part of the All Aluminum Tour is going to be the traveling. I plan to see a lot of car-related events along the way, check out a few of the other sights too (“Grand Canyon–OK, seen it, let’s go”). Diane has big plans for a cookbook and she’s working hard on the recipes for it. We’re going to be in the heart of the midwest (“would you like some cheese sauce on your cheese?”), and neither of us wants to gain weight on this voyage. So we’re going to be cooking a lot, and saving the restaurant stops for great places. (more…)

I received this email this morning:

Dear Bill

My name is Rainer Reinhardt, TR3/4a/6 and racecar driver form Germany.
Kas Kastner has given me your email address after I read his latest book on Triumph. I was surprised to find an article about the Peyote MkII you have bought in the meantime.
Years ago in 1992 I saw the car in Laguna Seca. The owner these days was Baxter Culver. I spoke to him about his racecar and took some pictures. I thought you might be interested in the history of the car that beat all the Porsche 550 and the RSKs easily. Therefore I attach seven old pictures of your rare beast. (more…)