That ought to get the attention of the NSA’s internet sniffing robots. But this is just more history. Peyote changed hands numerous times since it was built in 1959. I’ve been able to find several advertisements offering the beast. This is probably not all that interesting to most folks, though watching the price go up from ad to ad is kind of entertaining. I warned folks that one purpose of this blog is to store some of the voluminous documentation I have for and about Peyote. for such a humble car there cerainly was a lot written about it.

This first advertisement isn’t for Peyote, it’s for the Ambro bodies that Bill Ames and Dewey made that bear some similarity to Peyote. Here’s the advertisement


And here’s a picture of Bill Ames and his own Ambro



Here’s one more Ambro picture, just because it’s cool looking

It looks like Pat Star started trying to sell Peyote about 1986, and I know he finally did in 1991–to Baxter Culver. Baxter sold it to me in 1999 for about $20K including a nice (though extraordinarily heavy) enclosed trailer.

{sale}Pat Starr created this ad to sell Peyote in 1986



Calling Peyote a “tube frame” is a bit of a stretch. Under the tubes is a TR3 frame. the tubing is supposedly a “Roll Cage” but actually makes Peyote incredibly stiff if a bit heavy.


Wow, Pat went from $8000 to 14,500 in just a few short years. I’ve been offered $50K. I told the prospective purchaser that he could buy it from my estate. Though the truth is that the day I believe I can’t continue to race it, I will start looking for the next caretaker.


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