4 thoughts on “Amazing Shell/Ferrari Commercial”

  1. hi grandpa, is that (you) grandpa? that race was really cool. that (car) scared him (the guy in the cab), those bridges are awesome, that red one is fast ( the last car). he’s really awesome and fast. its cool.
    love you grandpa

  2. Hmmm. If my Grandkids are reading the blog I’ll have to watch my language.

    No Shea, that’s not grandpa unfortunately…in his dreams maybe.

    Love you too buddy.

  3. I thought you’d like that one Billy. After all, what’s not to like. Red cars, fast driving, women in bikinis, poofy dogs. Oh wait, probably not the poofy dog. All it needed was a cigar and a glass of scotch.

    Here’s another interesting one at the other end of the spectrum. Turn up the volume and send the kids out of the room. Look at the reflection on the trunk and dream. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-346233984350591650

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