I was down in the shop working on Peyote when I remembered that I have an old Tivo on the television that’s down there. My main TV didn’t get the Bahrain Formula One race, but the shop TV did. I skipped the practice and watched the qualifying and finally the race. Formula One qualifying is excellent TV now.  I realized I wasn’t going to get any work done so I got a cigar and some brandy and sat down to watch.

Very enjoyable race, and a fine way to spend a drizzly Portland afternoon.

Lewis Hamilton was amazing. Every F1 fan has seen “the phenoms” come and go, but I think this is the real deal. Amazing talent, and clearly he’s been schooled for this for a long time. He said something about 13 years–that means he started seriously racing at 10 or 11.

Just about the time F1 fans started missing Shuey, along comes a guy that even more interesting, and perhaps even more talented.

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  1. B:

    Couldn’t agree more…Hamilton “drives” like the real deal. And, he’s as smooth off the track as he is on the track. It’s a long season so a little early to tell what will happen, but he sure looks like “the man.”

    I also like Masa. A little like Juan Pablo in that he has moments of genius and momets of stupid. If he can sort that little problem out, I like him.

    BTW…Hate Kimi…Love Fernado…Go BMW.


  2. Masa is certainly a great driver, anyone that survives for any length of time at Ferrari has got to be both driven and a little nuts. He looked pretty spooked after “blowing it” (as if finishing an F1 race in the top five is a failure). He can’t be too careful in that environment or they’ll feed him to the goats, or even worse, the Italian media.

    Why would anyone hate Kimi? You’re nuts Rosier. I love the way he mumbles in his beard during the post-race interview. Of course I can’t watch more than thirty seconds or I’ll fall dead asleep, but what a driver!

    Fernando is great, somehow he’s still human. I can’t imagine how he can still be rational with everyone on the planet wanting a piece of him.

    Even better, I love how Kubica goosed Hiedfeld into performing so brilliantly. I hear he’s considering a slot at Toyota replacing Michael’s useless little brother. He’d have to be nuts to jump. Toyota and Honda are rapidly proving that you can’t buy an F! success. Christ, Toyota can’t even make their transmissions work (though there’s a lot of black magic in those boxes these days), and Honda’s motors are grenading like an over-revved Kia.

  3. B:

    OK…I didn’t say I didn’t like Kimi as a driver….Just not as a human…in fact, I think there’s evidence he’s not human!!!

    Honda and Toyota are in shambles…I think there’s a real chance you’ll see Toyota become an engine supplier and let Williams run the team…Without “Ralphie the Back Marker”. Honda’s worse. But I did read that Honda has offered Ross Braun a huge amount of money to be team boss which might fix things. Altogether, it’s been a GREAT early F! season.

    Hey, I ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. Think of it as a 26 mile tour of hell…but I made it.

    Also just finished my first Sharpe Book (Sharpe’s Tiger). Super good book…one to my second one.

    Talk to you soon.


  4. Ohhh, human. Well clearly he’s not one of those. I assume he’s from the same species as Laird Hamilton.

    I think Honda and Toyota both need to just supply the money and step out of the way. The technology for F! has nothing to do with cars other than a wheel in each corner, so they have no real advantage. Perhaps if Honda put their motorcycle folks in charge they’d do better.

    Ferrari has the right attitude about F1–the whole company is about that. The street cars are an afterthought, and they show it. Want a cupholder? Buy a Buick. Cruise control–no, heated seats–go away, traction control–sure, A/C–well, if you must, but there’s a switch to disconnect it from the engine.

    I agree about the start for this year’s racing. Wonderful. And two of the three races have been on the weird tracks. I can’t wait to see what Hamilton thinks of Monaco!

    Hey, Diane went and bought a used Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Next time you’re here I’ll get her to dress up with her Chauffeurs hat and we can sit in the back and drink scotch. I already floated the cigar idea–no sale. But we can sit out on the curb and huff some stogies.

    Quite a car. Faster than the 360.

    Actually she’ll have the car along for some of the All Aluminum Tour. I’m on my own going to Road America, then I ferry the rig to Virginia, then I fly back from VA to attend my nephew’s graduation and drive back to VA for the race with Diane in the Bentley. She plans to leave it at a dealer somewhere on the east coast for service and coddling while we complete a lot of the trip. The car is there as a standy emergency escape vehicle if she gets sick of living in fourteen feet of cigar tube.

    I’ll be in your neck of the woods quite a bit. I’m sure we can get into some serious trouble, or at least damage our bodies somehow.

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