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Similarly to the thread on music, I’m looking for help on books to read and books to listen to on this long, long trip. Since this list is intended to help me, let me tell you a few of the things that i already have covered.

Patrick O’Brian–still can’t believe he died on me. Thoughtless of him. I consider him to be one of the best writers in the english language. I have numerous full sets of his Aubrey/Maturin books, including everything on tape.

Bernard Cornwall–got everything, waiting for him to write more, though I’ve only tried one book on tape as a download from Audible. Didn’t really like it, can’t say why.

Rex Stout–hey, the trailer is named Nero. Rex has been gone a long time, I think I’ve read every word he published, and got most of them on tape.
Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Peter Capstick, Peter Mayle–got ’em, read ’em, perhaps too many times. I’m waiting for my memory to go completely so I can enjoy them all fresh and new.

Science Fiction–I’m a little burned out on the genre, the result of 50+ years of voraciously reading the great, the good, the OK and the really crappy. The last good SF book I found was Vernor Venge, “Fire Upon the Deep” and even he couldn’t repeat the depth. I’ve read David Weber’s stuff, but I always feel a little stupid slogging through the formulaic dreck. William Gibson seems to have quit writing, Neil Stephenson is on autopilot.

My particular likes are historical fiction, science, anything to do with cars or motorcycles, the occasional detective stuff, anything hemingway-esque. Maybe that’s the problem, I need to consider some new directions. What are you reading, what do you love, what books on tape are particularly great. I note that the reader is important for books on tape. Who’d have thunk that Bert Reynolds would be a GREAT book on tape voice, even though he can’t pronounce “library”.

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  1. B:

    Here’s a great book and it’s in Itunes…

    It’s a history novel around WW I with a lot of info focus ont the Air Corp (Red Barron) and the US introduction into the war from Pershing. The author, Shaara, is one of my favs. This book is called “Last Man Standing.”

    If you like it, he has one on WWII and the Vietnam war as well…


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