Catching up–one

I had the best intentions to post every day, but I’m way behind. I blame the frantic drives between tracks, a slow internet connection and too much fun to be had at Elkhart Lake. So I’ll use this post to catch you up on what happened.

The drive to Road America was long but interesting. Great scenery, what a beautiful country this is. I was astounded at the amount of traffic you encounter in nearly every town and city. People complain about the price of gas, but I don’t see any obvious evidence of anyone driving less. It’s also obvious that America continues to be “malled to death”. Everywhere you look there’s yet another franchised fast food joint going up. And there are not a lot of skinny people or healthy food available east of the Cascade mountains.

I listened to a lot of music, but I lost my notes. Then I started to listen to some books on CD. I listened to a David Baldacci novel called “Last Man Standing”, bad choice, contrived and juvenile.

My plan was to stop at Jack Drews house in Geneseo, Illinois to unload a couple of motors for him to build. Amazing little town, like some perfect slice of the midwest preserved by people who appreciate it. Sparkling clean, mature maple trees everywhere with fat squirrels running around. I made my way to Jack Drews house and had a nice conversation with him while we enjoyed a cigar. Had dinner at nice local restaurant for his visitors from England–Keith Files and John Wood, delightful guys. Joe Alexander showed up a little later. Very enjoyable, and good food, but for a guy who is used to eating healthy Northwest style, dishes like cheese sauce puddled on fried hashbrowns made my chest hurt (no, Diane I didn’t eat any, just looking at it made my arteries ache). I don’t know how these folks stay so healthy.

I spent the night in Nero parked in front of Jack’s house, and I got off to a fairly early start with Michael Connolly’s book “Chasing the Dime” on the CD player. It turned out to have a pretty shaky ending and there were several plot elements that were obviously being set up for later use. But at least he can write.

I got throughly lost, wound up stopping at a Best Buy to get a GPS Navigation system. I think it’s going to be worthwhile. I made it to the track after traveling an extra fifty miles and set up Nero near Tony Garmey’s trailer with Bill Hart and John James as Tony’s trackside support customers for the weekend.

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  1. I envy you the trip Bill. I’m going to have to do something similar someday….albeit without the 40′ airstream/garage. Did you post your books on tape list? I could have told you to stay away from Last Man Standing….horrible…I felt cheated of the time I spent reading it.

    You need to start posting some pictures in the blog….I appreciate descriptions but a thousand words and all.

    Hows Nero handling….seems like it would be a beast….although Peyote probably isn’t all that much heavier than the cabinets and such you ripped out. What’s the weight differential?

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