Change of focus, and an amazing video

I’ve been doing most of my posts in my Pono House blog, because I’m still playing in Maui. But I’m changing my focus to planning the logistics of the tour, so I’m going to pretty much abandon Pono House and focus here. I’ll be posting articles about stand up paddle surfing and longboard sailing here partly because I plan to keep playing in the water until the jet leaves the ground at Kahalui but also because I’m bringing a standup board and sailing gear on the All Aluminum Tour. You can do this stuff anywhere there’s enough water, and I want to use it to stay in shape (and hopefully lose that 40 pounds of flab I still have).

Along those lines, here’s an amazing video I found last night on Google. It starts simple and gets unbelievable, just like Jake Shimabukuro playing “Strawberry Fields”. Maybe everyone else on the planet has already seen this, but I was blown away:

[google 4776181634656145640]

In the event you can’t see the video, paste this in your browser (and get a real browser–switch to Firefox)

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