Cold and Grumpy

Back in Portland. Had a great time surfing the last week, even caught one good day of longboard sailing. The last two days I needed to get the place in order and put my toys away. Naturally the wind came up so I spent a lot of time looking at the whitecaps and my windsurfing gear while I should have been cleaning the garage. But I got it done.

Now Iím back in Portland, itís cold and rainy, looks more like fall than spring and except for catching up on all the Formula 1 and MotoGP races (except BahrainĖmy Tivo screwed up!!) thereís nothing in front of me but a lot of work getting everything ready for the big trip ( ). Ah, well, itís going to be a lot of fun. But it sure is hard to leave Maui.

Iíve had several people contact me about renting PonoHouse. Yes, itís available now that weíve left for the spring and summer. This is really the best time for windsurfers to go to MauiĖMay is excellent for wind. The easiest way to check availablilty is to contact Katy Hargreaves, sheís at† PHONE: 1 (808) 579 8833 TOLL FREE: 1 (866) 300 6284 FAX: 1 (808) 579 9383

How about that Lewis Hamilton! Where did this kid come from. I know that Formula One is a lot about the cars and the team, and he’s in a good one, but my word, what talent. I watched his hands in all the in-car video of his racing, and he’s the smoothest driver I’ve seen in years. Quick as a snake, but he is generally ahead of the car, making minimal chages to the wheel, catching slides and dealing with understeer before it even seems to happen. Amazing.

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