Day Three: Pacific Raceway

Sunday in the first race I started mid-pack and worked my way up to second. Cameron was well ahead again with no possibility of catching him once I worked my way up. I got some video of the race–I’ll edit and post it later.

For the second race SOVREN did a standing start. Cameron started back in the field a bit with Denny, while I was on the first row in second position. I got a decent start but Cameron, Jack and Denny out-powered me down the straight so I was in fourth going into turn two. I got under Jack in the Victress right away and was right on Dennys tail. We completed a few laps and Denny pulled off with problems leaving Cameron and I to play.

We had a classic Peyote-Pooper duel, with Peyotes bigger tires giving me an advantage in turn two and nine, while Cameron had the advantage in most of the other turns and the straight. I finally got past him in turn two and managed to pull out a slight lead.

We swapped the lead back and fourth numerous times. Cameron had a partial spin in turn 3a that gave me a good lead. I pressed hard but got held up in a pack of Formula Vs. I could see Cameron tearing up behind me, really coming on fast. I came up on Billy Hart in the Fantuzzi Ferrari and he REALLY didnt want me to lap him, so Cameron caught up while I struggled to get past Bill. Cameron passed me going down the straight and banzaied through turn two where I expected to get past. He held the lead all the way to the checker.

Great fun, great racing, great guys. Id rather finish second with a great battle than first all by myself.

I packed up and headed out. Really hard to leave Diane behind, but Ill be with her in ten days. Youd think after more than fifteen years of being together that wed be fine apart, but we seem to get more inseparable every year.

I made it to a Wal-Mart parking lot in Spokane and spent the night. Pretty cool of Wal-mart to allow that.

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  1. Great race report…Remember to post your East Coast schedule so I can watch, drink, cheer for myself…:)

  2. Thanks Bill — answered all the questions in my e-mail — got to read this first. Wish you great fun this weekend, and sure wish I was there!

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