I’ve the winter blahs, in the worst way. I need to do a lot of work but I’m having a very hard time motivating myself. Peyote should have it’s engine gone through. I should at least drop the oil pan and replace the rod bearings. And I’d like to pull the head to check out what I have for bore size. But somehow cold clammy oil and crawling around on my ice cold shop floor just doesn’t sound all that good. The only thing that does sound good is sitting in the study reading a book.

I’m a little thin on good books to read, so even that seems a little challenging. A friend has waved the prospect of an interesting book under my nose, but hasn’t come through yet. Seems that Allistair MacLean wrote a book before “Guns of Navarone” called “HMS Ulysses” that’s supposed to be really excellent. I’m not a MacLean fan, but from what I hear this is his best work.

I guess I’ll drag myself out and get the tons of recycling out of the garage. there’s tons of cardboard out there. This whole Christmas thing is looking pretty ridiculous to me. People who don’t really need a thing giving and getting all kinds of stuff they hardly want. I made a deal with my wife not to exchange gifts this year. Of course I cheated a little and so did she, but the last thing I need is more stuff.

Sitting on my desk is a robot shark. Now THIS I have a great use for. My diving buddy is a complete nitwit. He still gets a kick out of grabbing my fin and shaking it when we’re in shark water, or dropping six foot octopi onto my head in Hood’s Canal. I need to figure some way to smuggle this into the water next time we dive. I wonder what airport security is going to make of this thing.

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