Driving the Wheels Off

I’ve said before that Tony Garmey can be competitive in a shopping cart with a bad wheel. Here’s a picture I just recieved from Art Redmond, the owner of this Corvette, of Tony driving it at Monterrey this August, heading inch-perfect for the apex of the corkscrew, airborne.


I’m pretty sure I could get the front wheels of Peyote off the ground in the corkscrew, but I’d be headed for the hospital right afterward.

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2 thoughts on “Driving the Wheels Off”

  1. Hey, Rosier, we’re in Limerock this weekend. Me and about 30 Babcocks (brothers, sisters, Mom, nieces and nephews) Scary but it should be fun. You’d fit right in–especially after the impression you made on my Mom many years ago, getting me knee-walking drunk before I met her for dinner! I told her it was all your fault.

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