Fit or plow

I had a good day windsurfing yesterday, though the wind was somewhat variable. I wasn’t going to even give it a try because it looked too light, but I stopped by Kanaha Kai Maui (one of my favorite windurfing and surfing places right on the beach road to Kanaha) to get some board shorts–I forgot mine and was wearing workout shorts, a good way to get pantsed in the surf (don’t ask how I know this). While I was leaving I ran into Jeff Henderson, who designs the Maui Hot Sails (and I think he owns the place, but I’m not sure) and was telling him how great his Superfreak sails have been for me. He offered to lend me a 8.0 meter sail to try in the light conditions, so I jumped at the chance.

As it turned out, the wind picked up pretty quickly and the 8.0 got to be too much by noon. I liked it though, so I’ll be ordering one today (good business plan, Jeff!).

But what this post is about is the rest of the day. Everytime the wind gusted I’d get up on a plane, into my footstraps, and rocket past everyone else. The recipe for speed on a windsurfer–big sail, big wind, and a fat ass so you can counterbalance the sail. Every time it lightened I’d drop off the plane and start plowing, wobbling around and having to get get back out of the straps. Good workout I guess, since my arms are still burning, but no way to advance in my windsurfing. So I’ve GOT to lose weight and get in better shape.

I’ve reread Body For Life, printed out all the workout and eating plans, and I’m hitting it, starting today.

So here’s my 12 week goals:

Lose 30 pounds of fat

Gain ten pounds of muscle

Down to size 36 waist

Finish a day windsurfing feeling that my weight isn’t holding me back.

I’ll keep this blog updated on how I do. It should make my racing better too, so it makes sense as part of the All Aluminum tour

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