Great New Photos from Germany

I received this email this morning:

Dear Bill

My name is Rainer Reinhardt, TR3/4a/6 and racecar driver form Germany.
Kas Kastner has given me your email address after I read his latest book on Triumph. I was surprised to find an article about the Peyote MkII you have bought in the meantime.
Years ago in 1992 I saw the car in Laguna Seca. The owner these days was Baxter Culver. I spoke to him about his racecar and took some pictures. I thought you might be interested in the history of the car that beat all the Porsche 550 and the RSKs easily. Therefore I attach seven old pictures of your rare beast.

Kind regards,
Rainer Reinhardt

{rr}Set 1{rr}Set 2{rr}Set 3

To see these full sized as a series just click on the first thumbnail. If you move your mouse to the right side you’ll see a “Next” button or to the left a “previous” button. there’s a close button on the bottom or just click off the photo area.

I’m really glad to have these pictures, I don’t have many from the “Baxter” era, and next time I redo the body I want to bring it back to looking like it did here. Minus the beer keg “fuel cell” (I have a strange aversion to burning to death).

Assuming the North American epsode of the All Alluminum Tour works out, my plan is to do it in Europe and the UK next year.

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