I See Dead People…

Man, are Americans fat. You don’t notice it so much in Oregon, Washington or California, but as soon as you leave the left coast everyone balloons. It’s not just middle age spread, the kids are fat. And I’m not talking about “hefty” or “chunky” or even just overweight–I and almost everyone in my family can be described that way. I’m talking about morbidly obese.

It’s hard to find a restaurant that isn’t actively trying to poison you. I swear I’m not making this up. At more than one “fine dining” restaurant in the midwest, every appetizer was deep fried (including, of course, deep fried cheese) and the potato choices were “Au Gratin, Cheese Mashed, baked, and home fried with cheese sauce”. Most people were wolfing down the home fries, a ten by one inch patty of greasy hash browns with a big puddle of cheddar cheese sauce on it. Must have been 1500 calories and 60 percent fat.

Those of you who know me, my 240 pound frame and my appetites are perhaps saying “why is fat boy pointing a finger at other people”? Because here in the middle of America I’m a skinny guy in great shape. Nothing will make you watch what you eat quite like sitting down at a restaurant surrounded by people who huffed and puffed through the arduous hike from parking lot to table.

One morning while we were eating high fiber cereal, fruit and yoghurt in the paddock one of the Friends of Triumph guys came by eating a microwaved biscuit with sausage and cheese in it and said “what’s that, an Oregon breakfast?” Yup, that’s what it is.

We’ve found a few remarkable restaurants, especially here in Canada. But by and large, you can’t even find healthy food in supermarkets. I suppose the market serves the demand, but while fat adults are responsible for their own bad choices, a country full of fat children is tragic. I understood statistically that the United States has an obesity problem, and there’s a noticeable increase in overweight people in Oregon, but it just doesn’t strike home until you make your way east.

On a selfish note, I think this might be good for my resolution to get down to 200 pounds.

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  1. The Good News – I’m down 8 lbs to 179 since my 5/22 surgery – and hope to keep it off permanently! So now I’m within 8 lbs of where they wanted me 10 years ago. These MDs are a tough bunch to satisfy!

    The Bad News – I don’t recommend this type of “diet” to anyone!

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