Maestro, A Little Traveling Music…

I need your help.

I’m reading Neal Peart’s rambling book Traveling Music and thinking about the All Aluminum Tour. I’m enjoying the book, though not as much as Ghost Rider. Neal Peart is a good and enjoyable writer, not a great one, and the book wanders far afield but unifies on a theme of the music he listens to on a long road trip. I’m about to start a road trip that certainly needs great music.

I’ll turn this posting into a topic page so I can put together a playlist. I certainly appreciate suggestions. I have about 40 days worth of music in my library (about two thousand CD’s that I ripped to MP3), but I want to find some things I haven’t listened to twenty times before. Peart’s book is a good start. He talks about some fairly esoteric music and why he likes it. He’s a big Sinatra fan and he mentioned three albums that I wasn’t familiar with.

For a Sinatra fan like me, that’s saying something. I’ve relied on Frankie to get me through many of the crucial moments of my life–both good and bad. I’m not the kind of fan that’s into his life–I just like his music, so it’s not too surprising that I don’t know every recording. But I have a lot of Sinatra music and I never heard of the album “Watertown” before, and “Frank Sinatra in Paris” is also new to me. And while I certainly enjoy the song “Everything Happens to Me”, both the jaunty, swinging version he recorded back in the forties with Tommy Dorsey and the reflective version he did in the eighties, I didn’t know there was a compilation of his favorite recordings on the Reprise label called “Everything Happens to Me”.

So I’m off to a good start–three Sinatra albums I hadn’t heard of. That’s worth the price of the book all by itself.

What I plan to do is build up the library to accomodate the trip, both with music I research and recommendations from you folks. Then whenever I do posts from the road I’ll let you know what I’ve been listening to and what I think of it. For example, right now I’ve been inspired to listen to Frankie’s Point of No Return. It starts with the sappy “I’m Walking Behind You”, but swings right into “World on a String”.

My musical tastes are wide and weird–just ask Diane. From pop and rock to Tuvan throat singing and nose flute.

I’m going to do the same thing with books (mostly books on tape, but I need to read as well–you other book junkies know what I mean by that). I’ll do a separate post and page to talk about that.

Please add your suggestions to the comments.

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