Fat Windsurfer’s Revenge


I’m experimenting with different ways of presenting video. This is hosted directly on my site instead of putting it up on YouTube or some other provider.

This movie is taken from the Oregon Scientific headcam that I’m considering using for doing race videos. It’s about 120 bucks plus you need a 2GB SD card, but those are dropping in price very fast. At full resolution it’s 640 X 480 pixels at 30 frames per second. This video is compressed to 320 X 240 and 15 FPS. You can also set the camera for lower resolutions and frame rates, though the full size highest res gives you an hour of recording on a 2GB card.

I think this will be great for car video except that it doesn’t have any image stabilization. It does to automatic light balance and contrast.

It’s also very light and small. I plan to do a front and rear looking camera. Maybe try it as a head cam to see how that works out. Tech should love these things. even if one came loose it wouldn’t be the hazard that a full camcorder is.

You can see why I like windsurfing in the run back to the beach, about halfway through the video. Feels like I’m doing 150 even though it’s less than 30MPH, and if you screw up, about all that happens is you get wet (though I broke my toe on the mast a few hours before I shot this video–there’s just no solution for clumsiness).

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6 thoughts on “Fat Windsurfer’s Revenge”

  1. Bill, this is fun to watch. I particularly like when you come in over the reef…even at 15 frames I feel it (and remember what it’s like there.)
    How did you attach the camera to your head/helmet?

    Seperately, I look forward to your picking up the pono house/Stand up surfers (my particular interest is light wind wavesailing) on this site. When do you think you’ll be adding it?


  2. Thanks, the videos are fun to make too.

    The camera comes with a bunch of different ways to attach it. One is a big rubber strap, like the one on a dive mask. You can stick it on your head (as I did with the Standup Paddling video on http://www.ponohouse.com/ponoblog or you can stick it on a helmet, as I did on this video. After I had it in place and reasonably well adjusted I added some zip ties to keep it from going in the drink (I already sacrificed a pair of Maui Jim’s to the surf gods at Kanaha last week) and then a little duct tape to keep it from shaking. I suppose I should call that Gaffer’s tape since I’m all hollywood with this video thing.

    I’m going to update both the Standup 101 article and the Longboard Sailing 101 articles and add them to this site. I also plan to do a board comparison with the three (three!?!) standup boards I own–Laird, Jimmy Lewis 11X30 and Ku Nalu. I’m going to try switching fins around on those boards and see what happens. I’ll do some photos and perhaps a video.

    I’m headed out now (9:00 in Maui) to get started. There’s whitecaps on the horizon, but my broken toe is probably going to keep me out of the footstraps for one more day. Pain in the ass.

  3. HI Bill,

    great tape!
    I am a little jealous about this wonderful conditions on Hawaii to windsurf.
    I stopped windsurfing because I dislocate my left arm sometimes.
    Don’t you use the trapez on your sail?
    I can’s surf one meter without my trapez.

    I still own 2 speedneedles and one wave board and some sails but don’t dare to go out and surf.

    Would like to see some more surf tapes of you.


  4. Hi Chris,
    I’ve got some more video in the can, I’ll add it as soon as I have time. I did one on my booms and was going to do a mast-top one but I ran out of time. I’m headed back from Maui on Sunday to start the race tour.

    You should try stand up paddling–you don’t even need to do it in surf, any water will do. It strengthens the muscles around your shoulder joint better than anything I’ve tried. I have really bad rotator cuffs (surgeries on both sides) and I credit surfing and stand up surfing with increasing the stability of the joints enough so I can windsurf again. I had to stop for about six years, so I’m getting back up to speed now.

  5. Hi Bill,

    I would like to surf but I live 500 km away from the coast and the lakes around don’t have much wind…another reason why I stopped it.

    I do gymnastics to help the shoulder. I can race with it…

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