Nice to have friends

I got a call this morning from a guy in Chicago that reads the blog–called the four Seasons and asked for me I guess. I’m sorry that I don’t recall his name. I have such a FIFO memory. He just wanted to let me know that it would be a good idea to stay out of the water near Montrose today because the city was “opening the locks” which translates to “dumping raw sewage” after the big rain. I have a problem with chasing those blind snakes around, so I heeded his warning. He also told me how to avoid the lifeguards –valuable information if I was staying a little longer. Apparently they don’t have constant coverage, so you just leave when they aren’t there and hope your return is equally well timed.

Since I’m leaving on Monday, and Diane gets back tonight, I’m afraid I won’t get to experiment with that technique, but it’s nice to know there’s folks around that are ready and willing to lend good advice. Thanks a lot. Leave me your name in a comment and I’ll try to connect for a paddle next time I’m in town with my board. Might be a while, but you never know–I like Chicago a great deal. I’m really surprised at that. it’s a great city.

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