Peyote MKI photo found!!

This feels like uncovering King Tut, only with an engine. Not exactly a photo, but some frames from some movies.

Here’s the backstory–no complete photos of Peyote MkI were known to exist. Peyote MKII was built by tearing off the MKI body and building a new one. There is a photo that may be a fragment of Peyote MKI on this site in the history section, but we’re not completely sure. MkI was acknowledged to be butt ugly, and may have broken most of the cameras that attempted to shoot it. By comparison, Peyote is simply “Peyote Ugly” and there are zillions of photos of it in all kinds of places.

The indefatiguable Howie Wold found some video that “might” contain shots of Peyote. at first he thought it couldn’t be since the car looked like it was painted (the only paint any version of Peyote ever had was scraped off another car). but further investigation revealed that it absolutely is Peyote MkI. A little grainy and blurry, but so are all the shots of bigfoot and flying saucers. Here’s the pics:




Is that cool or what! You can click on the photos to see them full sized, but they don’t get any clearer.

Here’s Howie’s email accompanying the pictures:

Bill – Since I also emailed the 3 images to myself – I’m aware the quality that’s been lost (even since the screen images I had this afternoon when we pulled the images off the DVD). With the opportunity to work w/ the original 8mm – it can no doubt be significantly improved.

All 3 images are FULL size, w/o cropping. Fortunate! to have such closeups vs. typical track shots. And I can tell why. Note the shadows in the pix lower foreground. These photos were taken from inside one of the 3 levels (1st or 2nd) of RA’s original “Pagoda” at Start/Finish (which lies less than 40 ft or so, no doubt, past photog’s spot. And it is a shot of Peyote FINISHING the race. A second or 2 after these shots, you see the checkered still being waved (it was last car to finish, remember).

Without the current ability to advance “frame by frame” – I don’t know yet if Peyote & the checkered flag appear in the same frame (Hello, Photoshop?). Technically, you can’t go 8mm “f by f” with this video (since it was not transferred digitally, but filmed off a screen onto which the 8mm film was projected). With access to the 8mm original – we could then go “f by f”. As I watched the DVD again tonite, I believe Peyote shows up (smaller images) elsewhere, too.

So we’ve got “full-car” photos of Peyote MarkI

So Peyote was NEVER painted. Art Abrahms was right!

And it raced (nearly 200 miles) w/ the “Big Boys”.

And it Finished!

And won $20!

A great Find! I’m Excited! For You!



And an email detailing some of the other entries of this 1960 USAC race:

Bill – I’ve now a copy of the ’60 USAC Road America (7/30-31) Entry list – but I’ve no scanner access ’til mid-week. Great list of names, though!

There were a total of 46 cars listed – though the program acknowledges the 40 fastest qualifiers would start.

14 of the 46 cars listed were less than 2 liter. Peyote was the ONLY under 2 liter special listed. Bob Holbert won the class in an RSK. The other 12-

RSK (1) John Haas, IL
RS 60 (1) Peter Ryan, Canada
RS (2) Roger Penske, PA & Tom Greatorex, OH
RS-550 (1) Rodger Ward, IN
“Porsche” (3) Herb Swan, OH; E.L. Hall, IL & Jack Ensley, IN
Elva MkIII (1) Bud Stahel, MN
A C Bristol (1) Tom Kneebone
Cooper Monaco (1) Tom Kolb, MD
Lotus (1) Don Feidt, IL

Here are the “big bore” names that caught my attention/recognition – Augie Pabst, Harry Heuer, Carroll Shelby, Loyal Katskee, John Kilborn, Dave Causey, Bill Krause, Llody Ruby, George Constantine, Jim Jeffords & Jim Hall

Fun company for the original Peyote – America’s Best Looking Aluminum Cigar!

Ten less than 2 liter cars were reported to have finished – don’t know (yet) which 10

Interesting to see all the cars listed as “corporate” entries. That was the ploy the scca types used to defy the club’s ’60/’61 “ban” on individuals competing for prize money.



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