We’ve kind of sucked at taking pictures this trip–not that we haven’t done it, but it’s very clumped. Diane will take the camera and shoot 126 pictures in an hour, and then put it away for two weeks. I’m even worse. I constantly carry a cell phone that takes superb pictures and I have 41 pictures covering two months.

Then there’s the challenge of stuffing pictures into the blog. With a high speed Internet connection it takes a minute per picture, but through my cell phone it’s ten minutes. I just got an unpleasant surprise on my cell phone bill–on our trip to Mosport I used my cell phone data connection and incurred $850 worth of roaming data charges. I have an “all you can eat” data plan through Cingular (the NEW AT&T, whoopee!), and never thought about roaming, but the folks at AT&T did a nice job of negotiating that charge down to about $250. Still unpleasant, but not quite the Royal Canadian screwing I was queued up to receive.

So anyway, here’s a gallery of some photos from the journey.

There’s something wrong with the software I’m using–it’s scrambling some of the captions I wrote, and every time I go back and delete the ones that hook to the wrong pictures, it screws up a few more. I’ll try to fix it later, but if the caption looks inappropriate, that might be the reason. The order of the pictures also gets screwed up sometimes and a lot of pictures are skipped. I’m working on it.

I’m going to go back and stuff some photos into the posts, but thought I’d collect them here for the regular readers. And we’ll do better as we go along, honest