Planning the tour

I’m in Maui, surfing and windsurfing almost every day (see Ponohouse for details) but the All Aluminum Tour is looming. I’m working on entry forms and letters to the organizers of the races I’d like to participate in, looking for some concessions on their requirements. A lot of them require you to be a member to race with their organization, or alternately charge a substantial premium for non-members. I understand why they do this, but this is going to be a pretty expensive undertaking as it is. I’m not enough of a megalomaniac to believe that Peyote and Nero’s presence at their race track is going to substantially improve their event–but it will be different. Different is good, eh?

There are some conflicting events, and just as one would expect, there are some very painful choices to make. In general I’m trying to make the trip in between races either as short as possible, or as interesting as possible. Transiting the midwest multiple times is not going to be all that interesting. Even folks who live there and love the region tell me that.

The Friends of Triumph (FOT) feature event is at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah this year, and it’s at the worst possible time in the trip. I’ll need to make a huge trek across the continent to make the event, and then a huge trek back east as soon as it’s over. I dearly want to attend, I’ve been a member of the FOT a long time, and there’s a bunch of great people in the group that I’d love to see, but it’s not looking good right now unless I shuffle some races.

I’m working on a Google Maps overlay that will show the routes and tracks. It’s a lot tougher to do that than I thought it would be. but as soon as it’s ready I’ll post it here.

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  1. Be sure to visit the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana on your tour. Located in Indiana on the Michigan border-best to stop by on your trip to Gratton.

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