Ropes, Clamps and Clecos

Moving right along, I spent all day yesterday getting the nose pinned down, I’m dreading fabricating the fenders, but it will probably go easier than I think it will. I’m going to wheel them a little to give them some shape, but they will still look like they have no compound curves, even though they’ll have a little crown.


I had to stretch the aluminum tightly against the frame–it barely fit from side to side.


The nose tilts forward a little more on the new frame. I’ll have to fill this gap. One side of the front wing is mostly formed, the other is just cleco’ed in place. I didn’t have good templates for the wings so it’s kind of cut n’ try.


The wing has a nice subtle shape. The dash will fit nicely. I’m going to make the bulkhead and firewall seal better between me and the engine room.


It’s looking pretty good considering all the crushed beercans I’m reusing.

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3 thoughts on “Ropes, Clamps and Clecos”

  1. Looking good Bill. Looking good….it’s nice to see you trying hard to preserve as much as possible. I’m sure all the guys that have tinkered with her over the years would expect you to add your own signature as well. Especially under the circumstances. You’re enhancing the mojo, not taking away.

  2. Winter Sucks! Especially here in the Midwest! Especially when there’s no updates on Peyote!
    Come on, Bill – even an update on your boarding adventures would help us frozen Norwegians cope!

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