Tony’s Nose

After I dropped Peyote off the stands and discovered a bevy of new problems the air kind of came out of my sails. Tony Garmey and Horizon Racing to the rescue. I asked Tony if he’d be willing to “finish up” Peyote, which has to be the worst thing you can ever ask a talented fabricator and mechanic like Tony. When I was a motorcycle mechanic my nightmare was the guy who rebuilt his motorcycle but now wanted me to “finish up” by doing little things like getting it to start.

Who knows what crappy work lies inside? How could a guy who can rebuild his engine not be able to time it? And if you touch that little tar baby and something goes wrong, guess who is now responsible for making it right?

To my surprise,  Tony was willing to do it. So Peyote is at Horizon Racing, getting it’s rear suspension sorted out, the extreme camber in the front right corner fixed (hey, it hit the wall dummy, didn’t you think the upright might be bent?), and the very ugly fenders I made replaced. As any of you alert readers recall, I was nervous about making the fenders. With good reason: they looked stupid.

If you need work done on your race car, you can’t go wrong talking to Tony. He does everything right. There’s a good reason SOVREN just voted him Mechanic of the Year.  Here’s a couple of pictures of the nose Tony has mocked up in carboard. Looks wonderful. He’s even willing to do what he can to save the original tin.



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3 thoughts on “Tony’s Nose”

  1. Well, I can see by the mock up he intends to roll the nose metal to add strength. It also takes away that “slice your finger” edge, that intimidated me at Limerock and Watkins Glen last year. It did come in handy when Diane sliced those fresh tomatoes though.

    So what pray tell are you bringing east? The newer Mescal or Peyote……..with these names it’s obvious you spent too much time in the desert… a past life. I just want to know what I’m potentially getting my hands dirty on this year.

    It’ll be great to see you racing again, this time….stay away from the Big Bad Corvettes.

  2. I’m bringing Peyote. The new Mescal is in bits all over my shop. I’m replacing the body with one that isn’t soaked with oil and the same thickness as a sailboat

  3. Hey now, I can’t complain about the thickness of ‘glass boats. I just got rig of my ’75 Lund (with it’s 100 hp outboard $$$’s) that had a hull thick enough to beat out a tribal war beat without any effect. And in turn picked up a ’75 Oday 25 sailboat for the price of towing it out of the guys yard on my own trailer. Wind is free, like the boat, yet Peg reminds me there is no such thing as a free boat.

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