Traveling Music Results So Far

I got a lot of response about traveling music, but all of it as email. What’s with that? I guess people are more used to email than they are to adding comments to a blog. Here’s some of the results:

Contributor: Suggestion

Dennis Delap: Donald Fagen – The Nightfly

Susan Kahler: Donald Fagen and Steely Dan RULE. Kamakiriad is another good one from Fagen, plus anything else from him or the Dan. Pink Floyd is good for that late-night haul–The Division Bell is one I like, plus anything from further back (particularly the songs Run Like hell and Learning to Fly). Singing along to The Wall will keep you from falling asleep! I have discovered a new (to me) favorite–Candy Dulfer, a stunningly gorgeous blonde Norwegian lady, can lay DOWN some funky sax. And a very eclectic one for you, that seems to fit perfectly with racing (to me, at least) is the album Flag, from Yello. The track The Race is the one to hear on that one.

Tony Drews: Carlos Santana Abraxas
Any of the first several Zeppelin
Bad Company (Bad Company)
Stevie Ray Vaughn, Texas Flood
Early Aerosmith (featuring Dream On, Toys in the Attic, Rocks)
Best of CCR, Best of the Band, Chicago’s Best
Little Feat, waiting for Columbus (ripped from the original Album
with all of the tracks intact is the best version)
ZZ Top Tres Hombres, and especially Fandango
Heart Magazine and Dog & Butterfly
Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs
Scorpions Love Drive
Beatles, Abbey Road
Eagles, Hotel California

Mike Jackson: We too are loading up for the trip to VIR next week. Usually start the drive with the Doors – Road House Blues
Like most from Tony. Tony obviously knows his raging geetar music. I also suppliment with Early Quicksilver, Hot Tuna – anything electric, Yes – all the classic pieces, Neil Young. Hey Tony….if you’ve never heard of Jimmy Thackery…find him…major slinger in the blues/rock genere that never got really famous.

Racer Bud: French violin Concertos..Claire Bernard//david Oistrakth, Khachaturian Violin concerto///Aunt Carmela’s Italian favorites//Shorty Rogers and his giants..Martians come Back///Kieler Hafenkonzert…The singing sailorboys///Meet me in Tahiti..Eric Lund…///and…I Don’t want to play house anymore..Tammy Wynette….Have Great Trip Man

Joe Guinan: Good traveling music is a must for those long trips to the far reaches. You can only listen to talk radio for “X” hours before you want to buy a machine gun and go postal on someone. I don’t know what “X” is… yet. I did WAY too much driving around while selling hearses and limousines, having driven those beasts in 44 of the states. I don’t know how to suggest music when I really don’t know ANYTHING about the listener except that he/she likes Triumphs. However, one thing I’ve started to do is to burn my own custom CD’s of various artists works and some “thematic” CD’s.

I have collections made up from the following (alphabetically listed by first name); Alison Krauss and Union Station, The Allman Brothers, Brooks and Dunn, Jimmy Buffett, three different Bruce Springsteens (early, middle and later), Chris Isaak, Dar Williams, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, John Hiatt, John Prine, Led Zeppelin, Lyle Lovett, Melissa Etheridge, Moody Blues, Neil Young, Norah Jones, Richard Thompson, Rickie Lee Jones, Steve Earle, The Who, Todd Rundgren, Tom Waits, and Townes Van Zandt. More are in the making, but I listen to them several times and re-arrange the order and throw some out that just don’t fit, or add some in, etc. So I end up with a bunch of songs that fit together and have a natural flow of some sort. One trouble with these collections is with dynamic range and recorded volume. You have to run them through some sort of program that equalizes the tracks or you end up having to adjust the volume for each track.

I’m a fan of lyrics that make sense and make me think or feel, hence some of
the entries in that list. I’m a fan of “raging geetars” too, so my taste
tends to run that direction. Any good fretwork in almost any genre can be
fun to listen to. My new favorite guitarist is Richard Thompson, even
though he has a song about one of those cars that carries the (ahem…) Stop
Sign of Shame on it with “MGB-GT”. If you’re going to buy an album, maybe
“Action Packed” from 2001?

Themed collections I have are Cadillac Songs, Driving Songs, Joe Songs, Rain
Songs, Revolution Songs, and Town Songs. Each of these has about twenty
different songs that are somehow related. This gives me some variety in a
fun package. I have about 150 songs with Cadillac either in the title or
mentioned somewhere in the lyrics. Odd, but strangely listenable at times.

And when music doesn’t seem to work, I can throw on some “Word Jazz” by Ken
Nordine. I have to be in a really odd mood for that, but sometimes it just
fits how the day is going…

One other recommendation is “Books on Tape” (but get them on CDs). NOTHING
passes a 16 hour driving day better than a couple really good books that you
haven’t read or that you just love. Some truck stops have good selections,
and some even let you trade in used ones. Shut them off when you come to a
town or have to watch for a different highway to take, as you can get
engrossed in the story and wake up 50 miles past where you needed to turn
off. Been there, done that.

FPSpitfire sez: I guess I understand why I don’t fit in that well!!! How can you take a road trip without:
Snoop Dogg
Rage Against the Machine
Beastie Boys
Mos Def
Digital Underground
The Chemical Brothers
The Game
The Kooks
Mobb Deep
Nelly (when going to St. Louis)
White Zombie

Jerry Barr: I have been in the diesel industry most of my working life so I can
listen to my Hummin’ Cummins thrum for hours and listen to the
turbocharger sing(no silencer ring). Very relaxing. When I’m
listening to music it is a mix of The Blues. BB King, Albert King,
Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Indigenous, Little
Willie John, Muddy Waters etc, etc

Bill Dentinger: Sir Peter Ustinov’s “GRAND PRIX of GIBRALTAR” is a must. While I tend to like most music (I’m a big Gilbert & Sullivan fan), my favorite music is early 1950s R&R and R&B. In my teens I had an incredible collection of 45s (the off-label originals…not the white covers).

Robert Lang: When driving by myself, I tend to listen to a fairly eclectic
mix with a trend toward “edgy”.

Anything by Miles Davis, with fav’s being Bitches Brew and Tribute to Jack
Johnson. My Boomer Tunes are more like Cream, Hendrix. The more eclectic
stuff is any Jazz Fusion from 1970 through the mid-eighties. Eclectic
starts with John McLaughlin and ends with Kazume Wantanabe. I play bass,
so anything by Stanley Clarke is kool. I also play drums, so anything with
Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham, Narada (Michael Walden), Billy Bruford or the
“greats” like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa. I can’t listen to drum solos when
I’m driving the TR6 – too scary. :-0.

Metal is okay at night if there’s no traffic around.

When I’m driving with company, I usually listen to music a bit less edgy
like Pat Metheny, John Scofield, certain Al DiMeola stuff (the later stuff
is fairly mellow) and stuff with less vocals. When I start singing,
sometimes I scare my passengers.

And, of course, Spyro Gyra anything – always. Morning Dance is a great way
to start the day. I still don’t know why I like Spyro Gyra (as opposed to
Miles or John McLaughlin), but I do.

Don Marshall: For my money, the best listening on the road is old radio shows like The
Shadow, Philip Marlowe, Gunsmoke, Green Hornet and even Fibber McGee and
Molly. Even the kids will be quiet (at least our kid) and listen for
hours. We get them on Sirius but I think they’re on XM as well. It
does take awhile to get your mind around William Conrad as Marshall
Dillon however.

Gregg Petrolati: Bix Beiderbeck, Bennie Goodman, Modern Jazz Quartet, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Medeival Babes, Stan Rogers, Fairport Convention, Steel Eye Span, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Steeley Dan.

Steely Dan was perfect for driving down Hwy 1 in California…

art de armond: I did a road trip to southern california last week
and have my favorite road music well in mind. ZZ Top, 38 Special, Bob Seeger, Blondie, Pat Benetar, Eagles, Magic Slim, Jimmy Thackery(sp?), Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the blues of Eric Clapton, and Bill Wharton(the Sauce Boss)

In the Goat Roping area, Toby Keith, some Shania, Johnny Cash live at Folsom Prison

Patricia Barber for some very cool Jazz.

also lots of old time radio mysteries and comedy and best of all
the 9 CD set of a recent novel THE AFGAN

nothin got played twice

Kas Kastner: No one for String of Pearls, or the Hungarian Rhapsody?
Awww Kas,

Greg Petrolati: I’ll see your String of Pearls, or the Hungarian Rhapsody and raise you “Sing, Sing, Sing” (Benny Goodman the Carnegie Hall performance with Krupa on the “skins”) and Fats Waller “This Joint is
Jumpin'” If you ain’t moving something while that’s playing you’d better check your
pulse… You might be dead!

R. John Lye:

John Hiatt
Dave Alvin
Toots and the Maytalls
Burning Spear
Jet (first CD)
Teddy Bears
Alison Krauss
Heather Berry
Hackensaw Boys
King Wilkie
Terri Allard
Sly and the Family Stone
Emmy Lou Harris
Gillian Welch
The Wailers
Del McCoury
The DeRailers
Dwight Yoakum
Bad Religion
Rhonda Vincent
The Tractors
Social Distortion

Yeah, I know, its kinda all over the place…

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  1. hi dad,
    recently picked up a cd by ray lamontagne – ’till the sun turns black’. im not sure who he is really but the music is easy and smooth – its pretty good.

  2. Hi kid,
    How’s the family. We’ve started the tour, I’m in Auburn, Washington at Pacific Raceways. First leg of the trip. Elizabeth and family are headed here to meet us. Nero works great! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys. I’ll be in Wisconsin next weekend–Elkhart lake.

  3. hi again
    got that on the calander. james has a 4 day weekend starting the 25 – memorial weekend i think – if you are passing through here. if not…see you when we see you.

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