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I wrote an article for the Babcock & Jenkins website about RSS that might be helpful to people who read this blog. It’s amazing how few people actually use RSS. It’s such a simple thing to implement, and so handy once you do. I showed Diane how to set up a Google homepage with RSS feeds and she loves the result. But I have twice as many people subscribing to this blog using email through Feedblitz than directly through RSS, even though I’ve been offering RSS feeds much longer.

It’s probably the same reason that I don’t use any of the “features” on my cell phone–it’s probably the tenth one I’ve had, and I’m just going to use it at the level I already know. That’s silly, I’d save a lot of time if I put all my contacts in the address book, and spent a few minutes learning to use the voice recognition.

RSS won’t change your life, and you won’t be left behind if you don’t use it, but it’s a simple and clean way to get information you like.

I hope the article helps.

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