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  1. Your Airstream looks like a great idea an a wonderful way to get to the races, the Ambro looks like fast car, I was just reading the ” for sale” from the manufactorer on the body,I’ll get a up close look at it at VIR in June, should be a good event. I have a 62 TR-4 with a surry top, painted it like Jack Drews “Old Blue”, a clone, also have a TR-6, Will have the “4” at VIR and hopefully going around the track. I live at the beach in Wil. N.C., don’t believe there are to many people into surfing and sports cars, headed to Maui in November hope to get some bigger waves there than we have here. See you at VIR.

  2. Actually the car I’ll be racing is Peyote–the Ambro’s older (and much funkier) brother. The Ambro references on the site are because Bill Ames built both cars and used the general shape of Peyote to design the ambro.

    Good to find there’s another surfer racer. November’s a good time to be in Maui. Drop me an email before you come and we’ll get together. If nothing else I can show you the spots, how to get into the water, and probably save you a bit of coral rash.

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