Watkins Glen

As my friend Tony Garmey says: “Boys need not apply”. Lots of pucker factor at the Glen.  It’s easy to wad your car up into a little ball, as numerous people did this weekend. It was a strange event–HSR is really weord. At least half the cars on the track were modern, some of them current year!! In the GTP class there was an Audi A8 that raced at Le Mans two years ago, and the Bentley GTP car that won in 2005.  They combined my group (2) with 3 which had a fleet of 914-6 porsches on big slicks and 300+ HP motors, lots of 911s and sports racers. Interesting group.

The track is very fast, and there’s Armco barriers everywhere. There’s a twisting uphill left followed by a funnel of armco leading over a bridge that drops to the right. You have to thread the needle and make the apexes flat out in top gear. Interesting.

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