Working in progress–and pictures

Peyote is in little bits in my shop. I wheeled it in on Monday and turned it into a bare frame (which is now at the frame straightening shop). With the frame gone from the shop it looks like Peyote disappeared ito a bunch of boxes. I have a lot of work to do to turn it back into a car, but it will be ready for spring. Not the CSRG Charity Challenge race I’m afraid. It’s going to take all the time I have before I head to Maui.

I’m working on a complete story of the trip. I’ll post it here when I finish it. I decided to make it half real and half fictional since my memory won’t permit anything more substantial. Should be an interesting exercise. I started something similar with Peyote’s history but never got that into it. This will be easier. The tough part will be separating truth from fiction, but I’ll leave that to the readers.

Here’s a gallery of pictures from the tour: I haven’t had any chance to add captions, so you’re kind of on your own. The new version of iPhoto lets you separate your library into events–nice feature.

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  1. OUCH! Fortunate you weren’t injured. Guess Pat Starr wuz thinking ahead when he put all that large diameter tubing around the cockpit. Also fortunate you kept your head and didn’t whack the Plastic Pachyderm driver alongside his (dimly lit) head–thereby sparing yourself a criminal assault charge. I’d have been sorely tempted.

    The up-side is that the aluminum sheet, once it is straightened with a ball-peen hammer and reaffixed to the newly straightened frame, will again look like the rumpled car I once polished, drove, and tendered to your gentle care. Just remember to randomly space the pop-rivets, and use at least four different types. Order and uniformity is out on the Peyote.

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